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Servers Plans
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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Starts at

$10 / month

One of the best solutions on the market with strict standards to guarantee only the best for the end user. I want to guarantee maximum experience and performance.

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Offshore Hosting

Starts at

$28 / month

In this category the servers are selected to truly guarantee offshore, anonymity and security for customers. we're not making fun of anyone.

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BulletProof Hosting

Starts at

$120 / month

There is nothing else to add. if you choose this category you have clear ideas. I assure you of bulletproof servers. I am with you. just serious stuff. we put our skin in it

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Best Services You Get
Hosting Services

Give us your trust we will give you ours. every customer is a close friend to me.

Our Network

Our services are born from people whose lifestyle is to mind their own business and show respect. feel safe in our arms we will not be cruel to you. if you choose us you are important to us.


We guarantee you the best service, it is not the servers who decide in our network but we on the servers. they have to meet strict standards otherwise we'll set them on fire.


we can't stand snoopers on our network. Feel safe in offshore services